Characteristics of Professional Supply Chain Recruiter
You might be wondering whether your supply chain recruiter is good or not. Well, good and dependable recruiters are not just the one who do their day to day tasks while meeting your expectations. They’re the ones who make sure that the company they’re working for is attracting and keeping the best.

Recruiters not necessarily need to come from human resource backgrounds. Though, it will be nice to have experience in doing customer service, design, marketing, coding, sales and several other fields. Despite the diverse backgrounds that recruiters could have, there are qualities that they should have. go here for more.

Number 1. Build relationships – according to statistics, recruiters are rejecting more candidates than hiring them. Goods ones are doing it gracefully by means of turning the rejections in a relationship like sending post interview rejection letter etc. Sending personalized emails and building actual relationship on the other hand is what made good recruiters to really stand out when rejecting candidates. Learn about logistic recruiters.

One sign that you are with a good recruiter is if they remember positive details no matter how small it is from the interactions made with applicants rejected and use it in adding personal touch to their conversations.

Number 2. Think ahead – supply chain recruiters who bring value to the company they work for aren’t waiting for a new job opening before looking for new candidates. Rather, they have started establishing the pipelines and keeping records of potential applicants. They take initiative in creating a strong network while engaging passive candidates. They know where they should find experienced and seasoned candidates and on how to source out new talents.

They are making the best of social media recruiting as they’re not afraid to branch out to new hiring methods. So if ever they’ve seen a department is growing, they make collaborations with the supervisors and also the managers to gauge what are the hiring needs in the future.

Number 3. Play well with the hiring managers – there are cases in which recruiters need to navigate conflicts with the hiring managers that lead from clash of interest. Successful recruiters have to find a way on how to iron out differences and be able to balance the demands of hiring managers. Everyone is talking about candidate experience but hiring manager’s experience is also important. More info at

Experienced recruiter will be using their know-how and expertise to emphasize the potential issues that may be hard for hiring managers to spot or grasp on their own.